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Dogs Trust Community Event

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On Thursday 31 May, Dunbritton Housing took part in a Responsible Dog Ownership roadshow with The Dogs Trust in Churchill, Helensburgh.

The Dogs Trust works with Local Authorities, Housing Associations, stakeholders and the general public across Scotland to address dog-related problems, deliver general awareness campaigns, and work within communities.

By working together they are able to promote all aspects of responsible dog ownership including:

·       The change in the law regarding compulsory microchipping.

·       The legal requirement to keep the microchip owner information up to date.

·       The legal requirement for collar and tag.

·       The legal requirement to pick up after your dog.

·       The importance of proper training/socialisation to prevent anti-social behaviour.

·       How to be safe around dogs.

·       The importance of the five freedoms (Freedom from hunger and thirst; discomfort; pain, injury or disease; fear and distress and freedom to express normal behaviour.)

On the day, the Dogs Trust Veterinary Nurse offered free microchipping, nail clipping and carried out general assessments of the dog’s health and where appropriate advised owners if they should visit their vet.   

The team were also on hand to provide health & wellbeing advice including promoting the importance of:

·       Taking out pet insurance

·       Registering with a vet

·       Neutering

·       Maintaining a healthy weight

·       Recognising signs of ill health

·       Regular flea/worm treatment

·       Annual vaccinations

·       Regular dental check.

During the event the team met a total of 19 dogs and their owners, with the most popular service proving to be the health check. In total, 13 different dog breeds attended the event, the most popular breeds attending were the King Charles Spaniels and Labrador Retrievers were the most commonly seen breed, with 3 dogs of each breed coming to see the team.


Please note that we will be carrying out non-intrusive surveys in all of our areas starting from 7 May for approximately 3 weeks for external painting contracts.

The contractors will need access to some front and back gardens to review what painting items are needed to rear elevations of properties. 


Campaign against Bogus Workmen 

Police Scotland logo From Monday 21st May to Monday 28th May 2018. Police Scotland, in collaboration with their partners, are campaigning to raise awareness surrounding Bogus Workman and Rogue Traders within the West Dunbartonshire area. 

Together, we are making an effort in order to reduce the effect caused towards people who find themselves victims to bogus workmen. Statistics show that many of the victims of bogus workmen are vulnerable members of our community.  

This campaign will include joint initiatives between Police, Trading Standards, SEPA and the Department of Work and Pensions where we intend to challenge these operators whilst providing re-assurance and advice to the community. 

Over the years, bogus workmen have left many victims feeling vulnerable and afraid, with damaged properties and often out of pocket by hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds. This should not be accepted within our communities.

Suitable Advice

Bogus workman come in various guises and use a number of tactics to try and enter your premises. Remember, it is your hard earned money that they are after. 


1. Be on your guard if someone turns up unexpectedly

2. Be aware of distraction methods used i.e. use your toilet, etc.

3. Don’t keep large amounts of money within the home

4. Does your property really require the work to be carried out?

5. Be vigilant for vulnerable neighbours who may fall foul


1. Use a door chain or bar when opening a door

2. Check to see who is at the door either through the viewfinder or window

3. Keep rear, side doors and windows secure  

4. Don’t be embarrassed. Genuine callers expect you to be careful


1. Always ask for ID

2. ID’s and uniforms can be faked. If you are still unsure, call the represented company 

3. Ask a friend or neighbour for assistance, if required 

4. Obtain a written quote before agreeing to any contracts

5. Don’t fall for the hard sell. Take a bit of time to think about what is being offered

Remember, if it is too good to be true, It probably is.

We would appeal to you that, in the event that you suspect or become aware of individuals being involved as bogus workmen or rogue trader, that you contact us with any known details. 

You can do this by contacting Police Scotland on 101 or if you wish to remain anonymous, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 1111.  The information you provide may prevent bogus workmen from operating in this area and in doing so, you will have played a major part in protecting local businesses and other consumers within your community.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Police Scotland